Cars – Ethical ELA Open Write

Susie Morice has given a great writing prompt today related to cars. Check it out here at today’s Ethical ELA’s Open Write.

Opel Kadett Estate
minted in 1967
A decade later it
became my first car baby
A real red Valentine
presented to me
by my mom for my senior year
A show-stopping heartthrob
that cost a precious $250.
A delicious cherries jubilee rave
that all my friends loved to ride in
A charismatic bolero dance,
this little beauty was all mine.

The very first week
that obnoxious “check oil” light kept
showing up on my instrument panel.
That little radish shrilled its warning.

I knew how to check the oil
I can pull out the dipstick
So I checked it lots of times,
all week.
The oil was always fine,
never low.

So I kept driving it.
Another week later
there would be no more driving it.
The motor had burned out.

(to be continued!)