March #SOL22 Day 7 – Six-Word Summary Snippets of My Day

Day 7 of March #SOL22

solved Wordle in four precise guesses

could not guess Worldle ink blot

learned Spanish imperfect tense verb conjugation

studied Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness

answered late-arriving (from Bahrain) Christmas cards

accomplished lots of personal financial business

ate my sister’s cheesy chicken enchiladas

fed the bunnies and squirrels compostables

shopped for produce; bought corned beef

snapped an outdoor photo of myself

can’t stop eating these naval oranges

scratched off paint from the trim

caught up crocheting my temperature blanket

wrote this blog post, late again


Today’s post is inspired by Sherri Spelic’s post from last March 30, brought to our attention on Day 2 by Stacey Shubitz. Thank you both!


5 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 7 – Six-Word Summary Snippets of My Day

  1. What a neat idea for a slice – just enough information about your day, but still leaves us with curiosity. (Yes, today’s Wordle was tricky!)

  2. Sounds as though you had a very busy and productive day. Now I’m craving chicken enchiladas.

  3. Brilliant! I don’t know what a Wordle ink blot is, so have to check it out!

  4. I love this slice style! I’m definitely going to have to try it. And I like seeing all the things you managed to fit into your day. That navel oranges line made me think of how I’ve been inhaling clementines!

    So nice to meet you on Zoom yesterday, and to be sharing this crazy slicing journey with you! 🙂

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