Two Months at a Glance

22 November 2022

The Last Two Months I…

  • Took a trip to Seattle to see my sweet grandbaby

  • Washed our dishes in the bathroom sink for six weeks, while we waited for a new counter
  • Painted the car port and wood shop
wood shop
  • Extended our patio and cleaned the yard

  • Refinished outdoor furniture
  • Worried about our democracy
  • Finally got a new counter installed
  • Tiled the backsplash behind the counter, finishing the same day as our family came

  • Welcomed all our kids here for a week

the weather was cold and beautiful while they were here
  • Basked in NCTE in Anaheim
Lighting ceremony to begin the conference
Interview with Nic Stone
Round Table discussion at our session “Poetry is Not a Luxury
The Ethical ELA presenters
Frank Morrison signed Above the Rim for me
It was exciting to finally meet Kate Messner in person. She signed Over and Under the Canyon for my grandson.
Abusing the name badge ribbons
  • Did not blog (It’s good to be back)



9 thoughts on “Two Months at a Glance

  1. Two months can hold a lot. The grandbaby and all kids visiting make top of the list.

  2. I have missed you these past two months – but, wow, now I understand!! Congrats on that precious grandbaby, the best gift ever. You have been consumed with remodeling/construction stuff, too! I love the backsplash – just gorgeous. NCTE looks like an amazing time – how awesome to see so many EthicalELA writers together. I would have loved to have met up with y’all!! Fabulous post. Congrats on everything!!

  3. Denise, you HAVE been busy! I’m so glad we got to meet face to face at NCTE – and I enjoyed meeting your husband, too. What a special time visiting the new grandbaby! I’m glad you are back to blogging now – – I miss you when you are not here!
    I’m loving all the photos.

  4. This is a wonderful and uplifting post. I can relate personally to most of it, the new grandbaby and washing dishes while awaiting a kitchen sink; however, this year, I was not at NCTE. I thought about going but …thanks for a glimpse of what I missed……perhaps next year…

  5. Family first always, Denise. I can imagine how exciting NCTE was this year. I miss going but this has been a strained fall with my husband’s hip replacement and trying to find a lawyer for my son’s disability case before an administrative law judge. Even though you did not write during the past few months, you enjoyed yourself and that is so important. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Oh, my goodness! How FUN! I loved reading what two months had in store for you, Denise! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I’m here checking on you because I haven’t seen you in a long while!

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