Poetry Friday – #WhyIWrite

Today is Poetry Friday and the dancing, nurturing, running Bridget Magee, at Wee Words for Wee Ones, is hosting. (She has a birthday gift for us too.)

Today is also the National Day on Writing, and Day 20 on my Inktober writing small poems in October. Today’s word is frost.

October 20 – frost


As Kafka said, “A book
must be the axe
for the frozen sea
within us.”
A pen then is balm
for the axe wounds
I write to heal
to process
to contemplate
to go deeper
I write to leave
a small mark
I write to thaw
the frost that is left

Tomorrow begins the October Open Write–five days in a row to pick up your healing pen and write poetry witnessed by a nurturing community. Join us at EthicalELA.com


14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – #WhyIWrite

  1. I love that you write to thaw. What a concept! Makes me feel the warmth that writing brings.

  2. You write for all the right reasons, Denise. Healing by putting a pen on paper is a powerful. I’m impressed by your Inktober poems, especially the Spicy reverso. Write on! đŸ™‚

  3. Yes, ‘to thaw the frost’, & also this time, to spread the warmth widely! It’s lovely, Denise!

  4. Denise, “I write to thaw the frost that is left…” I love it. You have such a wonderful way with words. Beautiful, thoughtful poem.

  5. Some wonderful use of metaphor in your poem, Denise. You have unpacked and extended Kafka’s quote with incisive clarity. Your short poem packs a punch.

  6. Your reasons to write are beautiful and meant to be emulated. Thank you for sharing them, Denise.

  7. Love the metaphors of healing and balm — And so true! Thank you, Denise.

  8. Denise, your ending is strong. Take your pen and continue to make your mark during the October Open Write.

  9. Beautiful, Denise! I write for all these reasons, too, and yes it’s a “balm for the axe wounds.” I write especially to process and contemplate. Thank you for sharing this.

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