Poetry Friday – Thank You, Robyn, and this Week in Elfchens

Today the Poetry Friday roundup is hosted by Michelle Krogan. Last week she shared elfchen poems and today has more delicious elfchens for us.

What joy I had in preparing for the Winter Poetry Swap! I loved writing poems and crocheting for my partner. Then it was even better and such a delight to get beautiful gifts and a glorious haiku of hope from Robyn Hood Black. The tags and gift wrapping was another gift, and I just spent two days looking at them and unwrapping slowly. Just look at these treasures:

That precious tea pot bookmark and a beautiful variety of tea bags, a whole collection of artistic notecards, and a vintage map magnet of the very desert where I live!
Oh, yes, I love HOPE, Robyn knew that, and she wrote this beautiful haiku for me. Look at that artwork too, done with transparent printing. It’s a photo of a sunset from her yard.

Thank you so much, Robyn, for making me feel so special.  I followed Michelle’s lead and wrote a few elfchens this week too.

creates warmth
South Carolina mountains
glowing with her love

VP of
sunshine and hope
sweet solstice-born daughter

Fills breath
As rain begins
Sweet desert comes alive

Sings Jesus
In the manger
hopes and fears continue
House of Bread

And one Lazy Sonnet inspired by an email from Sarah Donovan, who adds a poetry prompt to her email signature. Such a sweet and poetry-spreading practice!






15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Thank You, Robyn, and this Week in Elfchens

  1. These are all lovely, but Petrichor is my favorite. It is indeed a sweet desert bouquet.

  2. I love how elfchens allow (encourage) a practice that really picks up rhythm and speed. These are wonderful — especially the petrichor one!!

  3. That’s a beautiful haiku by Robyn and look at her handwriting! Ah! Lovely gifts. I enjoyed your elfchens and “lazy sonnet.” Thanks for the peace increase!

  4. “peace increase” Yes! And love the gifts from Robyn who is so talented and in tune to who you are. Your elchens are just right. I also have a solstice child who is the light of our world. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Denise, I feel like elfchen may be your native tongue. These are absolutely lovely and so full of sensory wonder. And your lazy sonnet (haven’t heard of that before) is terrific. Wow! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing the beauties that Robyn sent you, too!

  6. Robin just knows how to gift, right? And how to ‘write’ haiku. This is so full of lovely gifts, Denise! I enjoyed your writing, too, the Elfchen ‘Petrichor’ and your lazy sonnet – more fun! Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks for those kind words, Denise, and the shout-out. I’m still overwhelmed by YOUR generous and lovely gifts & poems!!
    I’ve been mostly out of the loop this month and hadn’t discovered Michell’s elfchens – these are delightful! (Thank you for writing a treasured one for me, which I will print out.) Lazy sonnet? – learning all kinds of fun things over here.
    Thanks for sharing and for the hope you always share.

  8. Lovely post Denise, thanks for sharing your beautiful and sensitive bounty of gifts from Robyn. I also like your “Petrichor” giving off lovely scents, and your lively Lazy Sonnet, thanks and Happy New Year!

  9. Ahh…you know the smell of the desert! What joy these gifts, Denise. Thank you for sharing them. And blessings for some lazy sonnet-making time in 2024!

  10. Denise, the gifts from Robyn are lovely as is your tribute poem to her. Happy New Year!

  11. I like how you made your first lines into titles! Petrichor is my favorite, too!

  12. Always lovely gifts from Robyn! I’ll be asking her about transparent printing…Your elfchen are fun, Denise, but oh, that lazy sonnet! Perfection, and what a good little exercise. Wishing you and yours a Happy 2024!

  13. What lovely gifts from Robyn! You are a lucky girl! Your elfchen are full of gratitude for all gifts. Your last poem clever and I “peace/increase” is a wonderful way to end. Happy New Year!

  14. Denise, I am trying to backtrack and read through poetry I missed. As you can see I am very behind these days. Robyn’s swap items are lovely and your poetic replies bring joy.

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