Slice of Life 31 – Easter Vigil #sol24

31 March 2024
Saturday morning rainbow off my back porch

Paying Attention in the Dark

Who in creation was the first to notice when you took the
handkerchief off your face, folded it up, and set it down?

Did the moon and stars praise your rising?
Did the owls hoot a salute to humility
having the last winning word?
Did the angels do a stepdance when they
realized the fullness of God’s plan?
Did the rainbows plan the palette to
decorate the joyous dawning sky?
Did the mynas celebrate with a
new playlist for Sunday morn?

Who else noticed when you first ventured out?
You left the tomb while it was still dark;
it’s hard to grasp
truth in the shadows.

And today, help me to
take notice of you
while it is still
dark down

Thank you, everyone, for a great month of writing, reading, and commenting. You make me a better writer and person. I’ll see you on Tuesday.

For those who would like a National Poetry Writing project, do consider joining us for Ethical ELA’s Verselove starting tomorrow. It is a 30-day poetry writing community that meets daily at Ethical ELA. Each day in April a different teacher/poet hosts by sharing a prompt, which will be posted at the website at 5:00 a.m. Central Time. Some of the Slice of Life friends will be hosting on different days.

  • Kim Johnson – April 1
  • Denise Krebs – April 9
  • Joanne Emery – April 10
  • Barb Edler – April 13
  • Margaret Simon – April 14
  • Donnetta Norris – April 22
  • Glenda Funk – April 28
  • Fran Haley – April 29

Participants are invited to stop by for one, two, three, or all 30 days throughout the month. For more information and FAQs, click here.

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9 thoughts on “Slice of Life 31 – Easter Vigil #sol24

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the invitation to Verse Love. I am looking forward to the daily prompts and invitations. What an extraordinary rainbow from your back porch! WOW! Your poem captures the gifts of paying attention and celebration so beautifully.

  2. Denise,
    First, that photo is gorgeous perfection. Your poem is reverent, an exercise in spirituality. I love it. It invites contemplation and meditation. I’m always happy to see you here and look forward to our Tuesdays together and our poetry connections. And I have a surprise for you today. 🥰

  3. Lovely poem, Denise! Yes, “it is still/dark down/here.” I am drawn to your imagining a playlist, “Did the mynas celebrate with a/new playlist for Sunday morn?” – love this so much. I have really enjoyed reading your slices this month, and thank you for being a regular reader of my posts, leaving me such thoughtful comments (and persisting even when the software didn’t cooperate). I will see you tomorrow for April poetry! Woohoo!! Oh, and P.S. – that sunrise was unbelievably beautiful! Is there anything more perfect for Easter? Happy Easter to you!!

  4. Denise, that rainbow! Oh my heavens! What a glorious promise to witness on Easter weekend. Your poem with these questions is compelling, and I love thinking of the angels in a step dance. That’s just some vivid imagery right there. I’m also thankful that you put the VerseLove invitation in your post – I did as well, but I didn’t include a list like you did, so perhaps some of our Slice of Life community friends will come and share in poetry with us at least on those days. What a ride it has been this month! I’ve enjoyed your posts and can’t wait to write with you in April for more fun in verse!

  5. Denise, your poem speaks of the great miracle of Easter and how in the dark of night with no one around, this miracle occurred.

  6. The last stanza is a gut punch following so much wonder. These lines,”sometimes/
    it’s hard to grasp/truth in the shadows.” The perfect rainbow, arc of color, God’s covenant with Abraham—graces us all.

  7. Denise, I so enjoy your writing. This poem is lovely…really makes you stop and think. You have a knack for doing that. I’m going to check out Verselove and perhaps try to fit it into my (busy) schedule. Thanks and I hope to stay connected through SOL or Verselove.

  8. Denise, your poem is absolutely stunning. That opening about the folded napkin is one of my favorite details from the Resurrection account; another is the obedience of the women, still observing the Sabbath when all seemed lost…they were rewarded with the dawn, at the tomb. Your beautiful, reflective lines of wondering and questioning remind me of Job 38, as God is answering him by asking questions. Your poem’s ending, asking God to help you see Him “while it is still dark down here” – so powerful. It is a prayer we need to pray, in faith, and one I believe God answers. Easter vigil could not have been a better post title! Thank you for all the beauty and hope you share with us; know that you help to alleviate the dark. Thanks also for sharing the VerseLove info and the precious poster. I am looking forward to seeing you there:)

  9. What a timely and creative poem. Keeps your reader wondering about some of the lines.
    These made me think:”You left the tomb while it was still dark;
    it’s hard to grasp
    truth in the shadows.”
    It makes me think about about how strong my faith is.
    Thanks for sharing about #Verselove. I hope to give it a go most days.

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