Poetry Friday – #WriteOut

It’s Poetry Friday and thank you to Catherine Flynn at Reading to the Core for the lunar goodness she shares and for hosting today.

I’m still writing outside each day this week (so far). The weather is perfect and the beauty is deep, but perhaps it’s the painful conflict in Gaza and Israel that keep me running outside, praying, writing and seeking hope. More info about:  Write Out – Place-Based Learning with the National Writing Project, which continues for 12 more days.

Climbing Abel’s Mountain
makes me feel
powerful and plucky
There’s no path
just rock upon rock and
cactus and dried brush —
thorns jump out to bite my legs
and poke through my boots
I feel that weeks-old
sprained ankle
but I keep going with
twinges of pain
I feel powerful and plucky

It’s a short hike to the top of the
mountain and unlike the bear who
went over the mountain
to see what he could see
and all he could see was
the other side of the mountain–
there is a reward on top
A place to sit
for travelers like me
Joshua’s Perch is here
to rest and ponder the
big sky view wider
than my eyes can hold
Panorama upon panorama
the breeze is more than
a breeze up here
it’s windy and I’m glad
I brought my jacket

I sit and write and pray
and I know poetry
is in this place
in every place
and remember that
the view is always wider
than my eyes can hold
God, I still believe
your eyes can hold it

The mountain from the road in front of our house
Our house from the mountain
Joshua’s Perch
One panorama view

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