Slice of Life – #Writeout

October 10, 2023

It’s time for the #Writeout, an annual time to go outside and write! Thank you, NWP, for sponsoring so many opportunities for all to write. Yesterday I got lost viewing and reading prompts and ideas for writing out. Here is one I watched by a NE Ohio high school teacher, Amy Hirzel. She is a poet and gifter of beautiful writing inspiration.

I thought of her idea when I went for a walk today. I looked for artifacts–both manmade and natural. Then I chose one of each and tried to find the connections. Of course, the horrific bad news in Israel and Palestine was on my mind today too.

Here’s today’s poem.


uncompromising message
ramrod straight ahead
No detours
stay the course
do it my way

fringed amaranth
cries out
there are other ways
today she waves to travelers
arms beckon us to follow a new path

signs of sureness are needed at times
but flowing signs of wonder can
forge new directions of hope and home
rather than war

Here are my Poemtober poems from this week and last week.