Slice of Life – A Bike Ride Photo Essay

July 25, 2023

Today was a biking day. We were up before the sun, my partner, rarin’ to go with his brand new Garmin.  

For the first two miles, the Garmin wasn’t starting, so he kept stopping and trying to adjust it. While he was fussing with that, I took these photos…

At the national park entrance I watched little decomposers at work…

We got started again and he tried to give up getting the device to record his workout. However, he still kept looking down occasionally trying to get it going. He was distracted, and he is someone who is usually full speed ahead, interested in getting exercise. Today though, I loved going more slowly, and so I started taking pictures. I became a circus performer — my act: pedaling, balancing, steering and taking photos all at the same time. Unlike using a trapeze or tightrope, my objects to manipulate were my rear bike bag, phone and camera. I was thankful I didn’t have any accidents, as there was no safety net in this circus. I did get some fun shots though…

I stopped for this one, which shows Mt. San Gorgonio in the background.

Seven miles up the road, we decided to turn back. Keith suggested I take the Garmin for the ride back and see if I could have any luck with it. As soon as he put it on my bike, a big green arrow showed up, and he clicked it and it started the bike ride. What? Who knows what happened, but it made us laugh.


A Few of my Favorite Things

Diet coke and Nails.Inc.

My favorite things and people are many! Do not be concerned that the Diet Coke made the top of my list. It’s not my favorite of all. My family and friends and food are actually more favorite. However, I am practicing some new ways to use images in my blogging challenge, so I used a picture I found on Flickr in the Creative Commons. Jenny, The Style PA, decorated this classic glass Diet Coke bottle and is sharing it with the world with an Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 Generic license. Thank you, Jenny!

I also tried something new, which was adding a gallery of my own photos to my blog. It was quite easy and actually saved a step from how I usually do it. To upload a gallery on your Edublogs, just upload images to the gallery and do not push the “Insert Into Post” button for each one. Instead, when you get them all in, scroll to the bottom of the gallery and “Insert Gallery.” You can experiment with how many to have in each row. I found five was too many.

I have lots of wonderful favorites in life. Here are just a few.