Slice of Life – A Bike Ride Photo Essay

July 25, 2023

Today was a biking day. We were up before the sun, my partner, rarin’ to go with his brand new Garmin.  

For the first two miles, the Garmin wasn’t starting, so he kept stopping and trying to adjust it. While he was fussing with that, I took these photos…

At the national park entrance I watched little decomposers at work…

We got started again and he tried to give up getting the device to record his workout. However, he still kept looking down occasionally trying to get it going. He was distracted, and he is someone who is usually full speed ahead, interested in getting exercise. Today though, I loved going more slowly, and so I started taking pictures. I became a circus performer — my act: pedaling, balancing, steering and taking photos all at the same time. Unlike using a trapeze or tightrope, my objects to manipulate were my rear bike bag, phone and camera. I was thankful I didn’t have any accidents, as there was no safety net in this circus. I did get some fun shots though…

I stopped for this one, which shows Mt. San Gorgonio in the background.

Seven miles up the road, we decided to turn back. Keith suggested I take the Garmin for the ride back and see if I could have any luck with it. As soon as he put it on my bike, a big green arrow showed up, and he clicked it and it started the bike ride. What? Who knows what happened, but it made us laugh.


11 thoughts on “Slice of Life – A Bike Ride Photo Essay

  1. It looks like a glorious ride. My husband and I rode miles upon miles on the weekends before we had kids. I miss it. I chuckled at your comparison to a circus performer.

  2. What is a garmin? Love that shadow picture! Technology also consumed my recent trip to Canada (from the USA) where our connection to data was spotty despite preparations to have international coverage. This affected our GPS connection and caused some anxious moments. I completely understand the effect technology snafus have on our travel experiences. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jackie, it’s some kind of a GPS tracking device. It shows the trails for hiking and biking. We used to have a Garmin for our car and it would show us how to navigate before Google Maps. I guess Garmin is the name brand.

  3. I love the way you playfully show a contrast in temperaments – you, ‘go with the flow,’ Keith, focused on the new technology…love this line, especially, “I became a circus performer — my act: pedaling, balancing, steering and taking photos all at the same time.” Glad you didn’t topple over! The photo of the shadowy bike rider is so great!

  4. Oh Denise, I am inspired my your bike trip. We have never made it to Joshua tree, but now seeing its beauty, I feel we’ll have to plan a western road trip! Thank you!

  5. Denise, what a joy to vicariously ride this morning through that soft sunrise sunshine. The photo with the shadow is a beauty! The long shot with the tree and that blue canvas with the wispy white cloud, lovely. Clouds make the sky have personality! Don’t get me started about the trials and tribulations of fitness trackers. I’ve finally found one that works well-enough, not a Garmin, and much to my husband’s chagrin, I’m mildly addicted. Good luck with future jaunts. (Maybe it’s bonded with you?!)

  6. Your photos are simply stunning. The shadow photo on the bike is spectacular – – and I love sun shining through the cactus, too. I think that I especially love that you found a way to wait for him fussing with his Garmin that was meaningful to you – – taking these amazing photos to share with us! I always love your adventures and your willingness to share these with us.

  7. I am envious of your biking. I have to stick with walking these days, but I will get a change of scenery soon when I go to the beach with my daughter. I love all your pictures and I could imagine you juggling all of it to get the just right shot. What fun!

  8. Thanks for the virtual ride Denise and all the breath taking scenery–I’m glad balance was on your side as your took it all in!

  9. Thanks for counteracting all this technotracking with your playful and lovely photos, Denise–what a landscape for cycling. Enjoy!

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