Slice of Life 4 – Color Block Toy #sol24

4 March 2024

First of all, I’m so sorry that I missed the Zoom meetup on Sunday morning! I stayed up too late the night before, and then I slept right up until 8:30 a.m., the meetup time. I didn’t even think of it until it was over. So, please accept my apologies, Betsy and Stacey, but mostly, I’m sorry I didn’t get to see all those lovely faces to match with the names.

Here’s something I’ve been working on lately. In early February I read Trish’s post at Jump Off; Find Wings about the colorful blocks she played with as a child, I thought of something I’ve had in my game cupboard for the past two years (that I’ve never done anything with). A 6×6 set of number cubes in a nice wooden box. Quite possibly handcrafted. Even though they aren’t a perfectly matched set, I decided to turn them into a “Design with Color Cubes” set of my own.

So I got out my paints and tried to make this little number puzzle a two-for-one activity. ( I learned what colors to paint the sides from this DIY post on Scavenger Chic Trish had shared.)

In Trish’s post, she shares about the great childhood memories she has about using these color cube blocks, especially telling about one time when she was sick and they were her joy-bringing companions. She found a set to buy because she will soon be a grandparent. She looks forward to sharing them with her grandson; what a blessed boy who will get to have Trish for a grandma!

I never had my own set of these colored blocks as a child, but I do now! My set is definitely rough, but I like it. Thanks, Trish, for the inspiration.


Slice of Life 2 – A Golden Shovel #sol24

2 March 2024

Today I’ve been thinking of Alexei Navalny’s funeral and the hundreds of people shot (dead or wounded) in Gaza while they were waiting to receive aid. So much pain…

So March has begun, and I
already search for ideas. Shall
I begin with a prayer? Yes. Never
will I be convinced to stop
believing in a God who is writing
the story of our lives because
a God like you knows this world, it
is full of the haunts of cruelty and is
attempting to kill you again. Like
in your Garden prayer,
you asked for release from the
suffering, but instead it became your impetus
for going through with the thing of
which the angels cringed, growth
by design of the kingdom, and
that design, your death, made a change
in history. But do you ever wish for
earth to more readily embrace the sacred, the
hope for community on earth to better
reflect your love and pain? Starting
anew, Lord, I ask for faith to live far from
the confines of self, and instead you within.

A Golden Shovel poem with the striking line, “I shall never stop writing because it is like prayer, the impetus of growth and change for the better. Starting from within,” by Fran Haley. Thank you, Fran, for the inspiration for my Slice of Life today.