Just Stop

Day 19, not 18!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a third busy day, but a challenge from this poem (and again from Glenda) about slowing down and smelling the hyacinths. (It is a backwards poem, so you have to slow down and read it right to left.)

I decided to finish my work as soon as possible and dust off that book I’ve been neglecting.

Later in the day, I was still busy with previously neglected deadlines for video editing and spelling bee work. So I continued working and neglected to “spend a lifetime in a book this afternoon.”

Now it’s early in a new day, and I am going to savor the moments today.

I read another new challenge yesterday: “unless you are ready to part with things you are holding on to–there will be no room for new wisdom, new ideas, new innovation, new reasoning, new anything. There is great wisdom in parting.

Ok. Today I am going to stop thinking I’m indispensable, and spend a lifetime in Suleika Jaouad’s memoir.

16 thoughts on “Just Stop

  1. I watched for you all day and have been a little worried since noting your absence from Day 18. Glad you’re here now, and thank you—again—for the shout-out. I thought Mo’s poem was placed into the world for you. Do let me know how you like Suleika Jaiuad’s memoir. I’ve been eying it.

    1. Thanks, Glenda! I have a short to-do list for today.
      1) Write a blog post. (I did it, albeit 15 minutes late for 18 March.
      2) Music. (We recorded Zoom songs with movements for the church school.) Now I’ve just finished that.
      3) Nap. (That is next on my list.)
      4) Sit and read, read, read.

      I’ll let you know how it goes!

  2. You are busy with so many challenges! Glad you will keep writing here!

  3. Taking the time to pause, to observe the natural world and/or to just be, is a wonderful gift when we choose to give it to ourselves. Glad you’re doing this today. I will try to do the same thanks to your inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Stacey. Yes, it is a choice I have been making to not do it, and that makes me sad. All the best to you. I hope you give yourself the gift you need.

  4. This month I am trying to combine another challenge that I take part in, with the slice of life.The time difference across the world is a little confusing. I live in south India. I usually post in the morning at about eleven. At that time there are only four or five posts. In the evening, after seven, there are about hundred posts. I read them then. Regards.

  5. Allowing yourself to stop is a noble endeavor. I will try to follow your lead!!

    1. Amyilene, I hope you will. I need to be more conscience of the choices I make and make sure I take time for myself. I hope you will too.

  6. Denise, your decision to slow down and take some time for yourself is one I need to make, too. This world spins too fast sometimes. This is a great reminder today to consider the oxygen mask on a plane and how we have to breathe ourselves if we are to help others breathe.

  7. I love your decision to immerse yourself in Suleika’s memoir! I have this, too (haven’t started it yet) – I love her thinking. I’m sorry you missed a day, especially so close…it must be very complicated to post from Bahrain/such a different time zone – I’m super impressed that so many SOLSC bloggers are international! Enjoy your slowing down!

    1. Thanks, Maureen. I think I did the same thing last year, but maybe it was I neglected to comment on others’ posts one day. Enough that I couldn’t say I did it! Oh well, maybe next year. It’s not usually too confusing. I usually get in trouble if I wait until the very end of the day in your time zone. I suppose people in the U.S. have that problem too!

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