Handmade Hugs

Day 27

This winter a group of us made 50 crocheted toys for the pediatric cancer patients here in Bahrain.  They will be distributed to children as they come for their treatments.

Then we received a grant from a nonprofit in Bahrain to add a Bahrain coloring book made by local artists and a box of crayons to each handmade toy.

We delivered the packages to Salmaniya Medical Center’s Patient Relations Office this week. There are 13 patients there this week who will each receive a package. As new patients come, they will have one waiting for them.

I wasn’t much of a crocheter, (mostly I had made potholders  before this) but this project was a motivating one to join because of the cause. I made a turtle and baby turtle because it seemed like an easier animal to attempt, as I am not much for following patterns.

16 thoughts on “Handmade Hugs

  1. You are so talented. I love your turtle, as well as the other toys. They’re so much better than purchased ones and will make children feel better, too. The photos show all the love that has gone into this project.

    1. Thank you, Glenda. Yes, I wish I also had a photo of one of the letters children wrote to be attached to the neck of the toys, written lovingly in English and then translated into Arabic on the other side by the son of the woman who started this group.

  2. So sweet! Your hope stitched into each thread. What a perfect gift for someone who needs hope.

    1. Yes, definitely! I love the way you said that Susan, “hope stitched into each thread.” Beautiful. There were also lots of prayers said for the child who would receive it as we stitched each toy. (I neglected to say that above.)

  3. Denise!!!!!!!!! You are in Bahrain?!? My whole family lives there!!! For generations and generations- my father’s side. Pre-pandemic, we visit every other year or so. Love the photos and those cutie crochets, but I want to hear more about your life there, how long you’ve been in Bahrain, and see if you know any of my people:) It’s a small enough country. So glad I made this connection before Slicing ended this month!!

    1. Nawal, that is so awesome! Yes, we are in our eighth year here. My husband works at the American Mission Hospital, and I teach at Al Raja School. It is a small country, with such beautiful hospitable people. I would love to know if I know any of your people! 🙂

      1. Qaroonis and Ghaheris! Lawyers, restauranteurs, bankers…and my Uncle Nezam has been there for several years after living / marrying in Denmark for 30 years – now on a foodie business venture. Pls email me at nawal.qcasiano[at]nqcliteracy.com if you’d like to chat more about Bahrain!

        1. Nawal, thank you! I will do that. I’ll look forward to enjoying some of the food in their restaurants and bringing greetings to your sweet relatives!

  4. What a worthwhile project and great reason to get better at your hobby! The why is always so important to our motivation. I think photo essays are a great way to slice and a wonderful way to remember something special. I know the patients who receive these precious gifts will be appreciative of your time and care.

  5. Thank you thank you for bringing some love hope and kindness to the world, especially for those in need of a care package. I adore the turtle!

    1. Thank you so much! I was blessed to be invited to participate, and I wasn’t even the crocheter with the least experience. Some learned everything from scratch, and had success too.

  6. That turtle looks so huggable and will surely bring a smile and hug to a child in need. Good for you stretching your skills to bring joy to children with cancer.

  7. These are adorable! What a precious gift to receive, yes – it truly feels like receiving a hug, I bet. I want to learn to make those! Such a menagerie, love the photos!! Such a gift of love.

    1. Thank you, Maureen. Yes, after my turtle, I feel more confident. I tried the bees, but I’m so bad at following patterns. I think of myself as a freelance crocheter.

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