Mi Cuchara Favorita

Day 26

Siempre todo
Cuchara favorita
Mejor comida

My Grape Nuts, ready for the milk


I’m trying a #MultiFri again today with a haiku (or make that a zappai). I figured with poetry maybe I can get away with grammatical errors more easily. (But do please let me know, Spanish speakers, if you have any advice on my first Spanish poetry attempt!)

About this poem: Esta chuchara es mi favorita! It is a spoon I reach for every single day! In my entire previous life, I have never been one to have a favorite piece of cutlery. But when I moved here, this found-in-the-drawer spoon became my go-to delight. Though not beautiful, I love the size and feel of the mouth-sized bowl more than the other spoons we bought. Even the thickness of the metal is perfect. Now it’s a habit that both my husband and I pull it out for me. This is my spoon.

I’m always eating
with my favorite spoon, which
makes food taste better

12 thoughts on “Mi Cuchara Favorita

  1. I love that you wrote a poem in Spanish, and I totally understand the favorite spoon preference. Spoons vary so much, and that’s something I notice, too. Love the photo.

  2. Your favorite spoon reminds me of my favorite cereal bowl. It said Le Petit Dejeuner, which means breakfast, in French. I was saddened on the day that my bowl shattered on the ground after having it for over a decade. Alas, I’ve moved onto other bowls. At least your spoon will not shatter!

    1. Ah, that is heartbreaking about your favorite bowl, Stacey. Yes, my spoon won’t shatter, but that plastic end on probably won’t last forever!

  3. Loved this poem and your multilingual Friday camaraderie! I am obnoxious about the thickness of glass and mug lips- I can’t stand when they’re too thick- so I absolutely commiserate.
    Very sweet Slice today, Denise. Xx

    1. Thank you, Nawal! That is funny. I am going to have to start paying more attention to what I enjoy in the mug and glass department. I’m usually not very tuned into things like that, but this post is making me wonder…

  4. I am just like this! Oh my! This made me laugh out loud – “I love the size and feel of the mouth-sized bowl more than the other spoons we bought.” I will look and look for a particular spoon. Thank you, Denise – this is a treasure!

  5. I’ve been making an effort to swing by all the multilingual slices. It is so wonderful to see folks stretching new muscles and sharing their stories in other languages. Cheers to your spoon!!!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I am such a beginner, but, as a person who values reading and writing so much, I feel like reading and writing on these #MultiFri’s might help me make progress.

  6. Denise, I love this! I think the favorite piece of cutlery is a fun way to practice minimalism. I have a favorite one, too, but I don’t wash it every time to lay claim to it as mine alone! Neat-o that you wrote in Spanish!

    1. Thank you, Kim. I like that idea of minimalism. I need to carefully consider the way we stock our retirement home. When we moved to Bahrain we got rid of most of our worldly possessions. We plan to do at least some thrifting to get only needed things. I hope I will be intentional about every step of that process!

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