Little Big Cat

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Walking along the busy road, I heard crying that sounded like a distressed child. I was heading toward school, and there at the crumbling corner of the building next to my school was the crier. It wasn’t a human.

A small cat who seemed like a mini wild cat was attempting to intimidate and dominate another. It stood up on a curb to boost its dominance over the harassed cat. I watched for a while while it howled and yowled, as the filthy feline below, even though larger,  calmly waited. The players never changed their positions, actions, or rhetoric.

I’m not sure why I was fascinated with this big talking cat.

5 thoughts on “Little Big Cat

  1. I am fascinated, too – that cat sounded very much like a small child in distress! Wild!

    1. It is strange how my mind went to a child, even though cats are all over the place here–and of course, it was a cat, and not a child. But I was scared nonetheless for a moment, until my mind and eye registered.

  2. Animal interactions are fascinating! And it’s so strange how much cat mews can sound like human baby cries sometimes!

  3. Denise, I would have stopped to because that sound is so like a child’s moaning. Thanks for sharing the video. It made me wonder.

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