Slice of Life – Memory Book for Our Beloved Principal

Today’s Slice of Life at, 29 June 2021

Monday, after two weeks working on a memory book for our beloved principal, we were finally ready to turn the files in for printing at the Copy Top. We had made a collage of photos for the cover but had a hard time deciding what to write. We couldn’t settle on a title for the book. We finally decided we would write what has become an unofficial motto of our school this year: “with great love.”

The Copy Top shop is actually closed during our present lockdown. They are only allowed to do pickups and deliveries, so all business happens on the phone, WhatsApp, and from the car in the front of the shop.

I went to the shop and M came out to the car to collect all the needed files. I started to explain that we wanted just three words printed on the cover. He said to send the words in WhatsApp and then gave me his phone number. Before I had a chance to add his number to my phone, he texted me because he got my number from his boss, whom I had been communicating with.

We then had the following conversation:

I laughed after I saw the timing of those texts wondering what he thought of my first “with great love.”

Tuesday Morning…

Just 24 hours later M called and said the book was ready. A presentation was made to the principal on the last working day for the administrative staff. A rewarding job complete!

16 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Memory Book for Our Beloved Principal

  1. So funny! And I like how he just brushes off the “with great love” part in his second text through his brief reply of “send me the text”. Thank you for sharing! It’s a great start to Tuesday!

  2. That is funny! I hope your principal loved the book you all made. I love the title!

    1. He really did. I was glad I got to be there. It has pages for the whole family, so I’m sure they are enjoying looking through it today.

  3. I love those last in translation moments. I am sure the man at the copy shop will remember that text for a while! With great love is a wonderful message to pass on no matter what. I always sign my emails Best, Erika and one of my students made her version Great, A.

    1. Thank you, Erika. Yes, doing our work with great love is a powerful purpose.
      That cracks me up about your student signing Great, to finish her emails. Sweet!

  4. Denise,
    This is a treasure your principal will cherish for many years.

    That series of texts could have been a “who’s on first” comedy sketch had something gone awry!

  5. I needed this laugh in my life
    today, Denise! Especially after our heartfelt and tear jerking Zoom this afternoon!
    With great love,

    1. Kim, thank you. I’m glad you got a Laoghaire. What a joy, as well as tear jerker, to see all those beautiful people on one screen tonight.

  6. I love the title! And wonder what he thought while reading it…probably what a thoughtful customer you were 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jill. Yes, I think you have a good possibility of what he may have wondered. I notice the use of words such as love and dear are used quite freely here!

  7. Even your texts are gifts, Denise! And always, always, your posts and poems – great love is evident in all you do. Perhaps the copy shop folks SHOULD be thanked with great love from time to time!!

    1. Thank you so much, Fran, for your kind words. I love that idea! “with great love” is a superb motto for how to interact with people.

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