Slice of Life – Memory Book for Our Beloved Principal

Today’s Slice of Life at, 29 June 2021

Monday, after two weeks working on a memory book for our beloved principal, we were finally ready to turn the files in for printing at the Copy Top. We had made a collage of photos for the cover but had a hard time deciding what to write. We couldn’t settle on a title for the book. We finally decided we would write what has become an unofficial motto of our school this year: “with great love.”

The Copy Top shop is actually closed during our present lockdown. They are only allowed to do pickups and deliveries, so all business happens on the phone, WhatsApp, and from the car in the front of the shop.

I went to the shop and M came out to the car to collect all the needed files. I started to explain that we wanted just three words printed on the cover. He said to send the words in WhatsApp and then gave me his phone number. Before I had a chance to add his number to my phone, he texted me because he got my number from his boss, whom I had been communicating with.

We then had the following conversation:

I laughed after I saw the timing of those texts wondering what he thought of my first “with great love.”

Tuesday Morning…

Just 24 hours later M called and said the book was ready. A presentation was made to the principal on the last working day for the administrative staff. A rewarding job complete!