Tuesday & Wednesday 23 & 24 August – Open Write

23 August 2022 TwoWritingTeachers.org

Today’s poetry prompt came from Ann Burg at Ethical ELA. It’s called “Poems of Perspective,” and you can read all the details here. Here is my poem of perspective based on our remodeling activities:

Hang on to Me

You call me your favorite tool.
I don’t believe it–
you can’t keep track of me.
I have no legs, so I’m not going
anywhere you didn’t put me.
Most important tool, you say?
Yeah, right! You say, but
I find myself in
every nook and cranny,
every crook and nanny,
places you’re not likely to find me.
Never where you need me.
How about getting some
bigger pockets?

Your tape measure

Of course, here I am by the coffee
Down here, right where you left me
Oh, yes, you left me on top of the ladder too
Here, on what used to be your desk

Here’s an update on this week’s projects. The electrician has been here, and the wires in the window are not hanging down any longer.


Our window to the kitchen is coming along!

Wednesday’s poetry prompt was by Scott McCloskey called “Today Years Old.”

The hour is late and
I haven’t learned much in a
month of Sundays, but
today I may have learned that
you can hammer one nail
53 times before it goes in.

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