March 31 – Creado for Something

March 31, 2023

Thank you all for being part of the Slice of Life Challenge of 2023 this month. It has been a joy to be here with you.  Thank you for reading my posts, making me feel seen, and sharing your beautiful slices of life. Today, I have tried one more poem in Spanish about the National Poetry Month poster above:

Todos estábamos destinados por algo










Por algo todos estábamos destinados


The Skinny is a poetry form created by Truth Thomas. Read more about the Skinny form here. Here is my English version of the poem about the NPM poster:

We were all meant for something…


to be








For something we were all meant

Happy National Poetry Month! You are invited to join us at Ethical ELA’s #Verselove starting tomorrow.

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!

15 thoughts on “March 31 – Creado for Something

  1. Denise,
    I forgot all about -#multilit Friday. I’m glad you took the skinny path today as I’m too lazy to translate more. Yes, I know you provided a translation, but I try to understand before peeking. Thanks for being a steadfast presence w/ me this month. See you April 1 for poetry. 🤗

  2. A mi me encanta el poema. Es lindo, creativo, y me inspira a tratar escribiendo en espanol el proximo ano. Gracias por caminar en este sendero conmigo.
    Que le vaya bien.
    Kate Narita

  3. Denise, your skinny poem is priceless. Thanks for sharing your translation!

  4. This is beautiful! The multilingual poetry, the poster, the “creatives/called/invited/created”…it’s a perfect testament to the diversity of writers in this challenge!

  5. Bella, ese. Muchas gracias para tus palabras inspiradoras de principio a fin. Me vale tus comentarios y los perceptivos ideas. Espero que nosotros nos vemos de nuevo en los Martes que vienen. (helped a bit by Bing, I confess!)

  6. Such a sweet skinny poem to close out our wonderful month of writing together! What a pretty poster that is, for April Poetry Month. I will see you at Ethical ELA! Thanks, Denise, for all your fabulous slices and your comments on my writing this month. Until tomorrow!

  7. I love your skinny poem, and the shades of difference in meaning between the first and last lines. Each word is beautiful, in each language.

  8. Thank you for offering such wonderful models of writing forms that we can try (by ourselves and / or with students)! They’ve been so accessible! This skinny poem captures my sentiments even more fully! Gracías!

  9. Lovely poem! And I love your challenge of writing it in two different languages, all in response to art. Beauty from start to finish in a variety of ways!

  10. ¡Me encanto tu poema! Palabras muy poderosas y alentadoras 🙂

  11. Me encanta tu poema, Denise, y como siempre, me encanta tu valentía en escribir en español a pesar de que no sea perfecto. No me he escuchado sobre la forma Skinny, entonces, gracias por enseñarme algo nuevo. La tema de la tuya es muy bella y esta forma es muy poderosa para desarollarla. Siempre me ha encantado la poesía, y siempre me sorprende de las muchas formas que todavía no sabía que existen. (Hace varios años, Lee Ann Spillane me enseñé sobre la forma tanka en un Slice, que no había conocido hasta entonces, y me encantó intentarla.)

  12. Denise,
    You are such a great mentor to me. Just this final post of March teaches me about the NPM poster (love it!), reminds me of the Ethical ELAs #verselove which you mentioned during our zoom chat, and taught me about a poetry form called skinny poem. You are also nudging me to consider learning another language. It is hitting me that my granddaughter will learn Dutch and my other daughter teaches English to French students in Toulouse. If/when she has a child, they will speak French. And all I speak is English. Your skinny poem is nudging me to sign up to take language classes. I’ll let you know how it goes. Finally, thank you for seeing me by reading my stories this March! 12x and 4th best commenters to me!! Thank you, my friend!! Have a lovely April with poems.

  13. What a lovely poem! Congrats on finishing another SOL Challenge! I enjoyed reading your slices this month…and thank you for reading mine. Until next March, my friend…:)

  14. Lovely poem, I love Spanish and think it sounds better in poetry than English because it has more vowels maybe? Mine is too rusty to use these days, but I love reading Spanish.

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