Poetry Friday – Renewal

Today is another day to expect joy and hope.Ā  I’ve just been watching a National Writing Project video interview with Stacey Joy and Gholdy Muhammad. It’s making me feel more hopeful. Peace to all of you this day–Spiritual Journey Thursday and Poetry Friday in one.

Reading these times through eyes of empathy
Engaging in poetic thinking, reading, and writing
Noticing God at work in a broken world
Embarking on a new chapter
Watching my kids and six of their friends drive up yesterday
Anticipating joy
Laughing in the midst of tears


Thank you to Fran Haley for hosting at her beautiful blog Lit Bits and Pieces.

Thank you to Buffy Silverman for hosting today and celebrating early-flying flakes.


15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Renewal

  1. Thanks for the poem Denise! “Poetic thinking” is an interesting phrase– I like it a lot! Happy Poetry Friday. šŸ™‚

  2. Denise, “Noticing God at work in a broken world”. This line really jumped out at me. Yes, our world is broken and only God can fix it. We go on with that belief and hope. With the shape of the world, there is still joy and laughter. We hang on to that.

  3. What a bounty in your acrostic. Laughing in the midst of tears seems to be the right path right now.

  4. Denise, your acrostic is filled with many commitments and calls to action. This is what renewal brings to each person-a desire to see change in the light of each day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I started writing a renewal poem but decided it was not working for me so the pantoum and small poem were my formats of choice. happy Fall.

  5. Denise – I adore acrostics, and this one is brilliant with its opening verbs all working together to encapsulate “renewal.” It’s a poem of life, celebration, and “seeing” – reading the times, having empathy, laughing despite tears. Know that you are a conduit of hope…and that you renew ours!

    Aside: I couldn’t access your post from InLinkz. I can see the thumbnail there, but on clicking, it takes me to a blank page. I tried relinking but it’s still the same. Maybe it’s just on my end but I could get to the others ok. Just wanted you to know. Fortunately, I knew the name of your blog so I could find your post. I am thankful I did:)

    1. Hi, Fran, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, for my Edublogs blog, InLinkz doesn’t open. It’s an Edublogs thing. If you click on the link and then close the X in the upper right corner, it will go to the post. I don’t know why they can’t fix it better than that, but that’s the fix they gave me! Go figure.

  6. Laughing in the midst of tears–yes. That bit of bittersweetness ends your poem on just the right note for me.

  7. Finding, noticing, all those ways that give hope, make us smile brings a kind of deep-breath settling, doesn’t it? It makes me smile to read your poem so full, Denise!

  8. I too love the ‘poetic thinking.’ It’s such a mindful way of getting through these times.

  9. As a fellow acrostic lover, this one is grand! I love how those verbs put us right now in the moment with you. “Noticing God at work in a broken world” is a worthy task for these troubled times. Thanks for joining us.

  10. Denise,
    Thanks so much for your participation and interaction with my posts this week. We are getting to know each other cyberly, and I love that! Your poem expresses your enthusiasm and
    joie de viĀ·vre.

  11. “Laughing in the midst of tears” — it’s how we keep moving forward, right?

  12. A beautiful wish – a new chapter for this broken world. Childrenā€™s homecomings bring such joy. They make it easy to zoom in and enjoy a moment in spite of all that is happening in the bigger picture.

  13. Thinking like a poet is a helpful way to penetrate the noise and ugliness that has become more and more a part of our world. Thanks you, Denise, for sharing your poem.

  14. “Reading these times through eyes of empathy”
    That opening line pulled me right in. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful acrostic. May we all view the world with empathy.

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