Slice of Life – Spanish for Breakfast

October 31, 2023

Last week we found this quaint little coffee shop/restaurant in Palm Desert, D’Coffee Bouteaque. It has a healthy and interesting menu, an amazing selection of coffee and tea drinks, and homey, eclectic decor. Everything is served on a variety of china dishes. We had a sweet server who we really made a connection with, and we knew he would be there today when we were going to be back in town for an appointment. So during the week, I made a plan to speak to our waiter, M, in Spanish this time. I had to look up a few words that I didn’t know because, as I told M, “Por favor, ¿Podemos hablar in español hoy porque quiero mostrar a mi esposo que puedo hacerlo? He was such a good sport, and it was a success. I ordered a chai latte with leche de avena and agave en el lado. He helped me with one of the many mistakes I made, but I forget it already. I think it was at the end of  the sentence above about how to say, “I could do it.”

Anyway, I felt like I am on my way to the next stage of learning Spanish. I will definitely feel more confident next time.

Now, because we have no trick-or-treaters in our rural area, I’m sitting writing this and eating the M&Ms I bought (just in case).

Burrito de desayuno
Una rebanada de tostada con hummus y la aguacate
M brought this over to us with four stamps from this visit and last week’s
The decor is an eyeful everywhere you look!


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Spanish for Breakfast

  1. Denise,
    You’ve captured by foray into Spanish perfectly w/ the sentence “I forget it already.” You are doing so well w/ your Spanish. Maybe I’d do better if I move closer to the border. Still, I need to seek opportunities to practice. We had lots of trick-or-treaters at my son’s house but not many at my house, which makes me sad because we usually have many. It’s cold, so I’m sure the weather impacted the ghouls and goblins.

  2. Denise, I think it is wonderful that you’re learning Spanish. Thanks for sharing your unique experiencing of living in such a different locale than me. Your food looks yummy and your hubby looks happy. Have a Happy Week.

  3. Practicing language in “real life” with “real speakers” of the language is the best way to learn. Mistakes are a natural part… and if you don’t remember the first time, you eventually will. My Spanish is far from fluent but people always appreciate when I try to converse in Spanish, and they are helpful, too.
    The food pictures make me wish I could go there… but even more, the sweet server.

  4. Your post is appealing to the palate, the eye, the ear—and the heart. What a great opportunity you seized to connect. I remember reading your posts, I think it was on Fridays, when you were writing in Spanish. There is nothing as satisfying as actually talking with another human to motivate learning a language. That M was so accommodating says a lot about him and the connection you formed during your first visit. I remember being in Columbia in those first months, sin palabras, and the kindness of Colombianos while I butchered their mother tongue trying to learn. I have never forgotten that graciousness and think it changed how I regard anyone who is learning another idioma. Open minds and hearts, that’s what you experienced. Here’s to more of that!

  5. That food looks so lovely and fresh! I admire anyone who learns another language. I’m beyond the age when I feel I could do so successfully, but it is fun to try. Often students confuse me with the French teacher and speak to me in French. “Bon jour, madame” and at least I know how to respond. “Bon jour, como ca va?”

  6. And this is the goal, yes? AWESOME!! I don’t think I’ll be there until I can seriously sit with Duolingo (and Babbel now…) for only the lessons – I’ve been “cheating” to keep my streak and only doing the reviews some days. Keep it up, friend! I hope you’re proud, and I hope you continue!

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