Slice of Life – Bike Riding and NCTE

7 November 2023

Yesterday, when I was out for a bike ride, I thought I had my slice of life for the week. We were riding up to Eureka Peak, the highest place in Joshua Tree National Park.  It’s only a bit less than ten miles from our house, so we ate a monster cookie and some M&Ms, and got started on our ride (on electric bikes!).  It is a 2000 foot elevation climb, and it was getting cold and we had about an hour of sunlight left. The sand became so thick on this uphill climb, that it was here I had given up. I asked my hubby to take this photo for today’s Slice.

But he started walking his bike and passed me. He discovered the sand became firmer just up ahead, so we walked a ways and then we were able to continue riding. We made it to the top and saw this nice view of San Gorgonio and San Jacinto, two of the most topographically prominent summits of California.

San Gorgonio
San Jacinto

On the way down the mountain, my husband paused for a picture for me. We didn’t get to stay up on top to enjoy the sunset, as we had a long sandy road home while it was still light. When we got to the bottom of Covington Flats and onto our road–just a stone’s throw from our house–I stopped to talk to my husband where we always wait for each other. When I braked, I fell over, bounced off my bike and hit my hip, leg and arm on the ground–fortunately, not seriously. I was able to get up and continue. That is what I’m grateful for today! That I had such a painless reminder of my aging body. I am delighted that we can hike and bike around this place we call home. I may not always be able to, so today I am grateful for the time I do have.

Who else is going to NCTE? It would be great to meet you in person.


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Bike Riding and NCTE

  1. Denise, I am so glad that “reminder of [your] aging body” was a mild one. Every time I experience a, “Whoa, that’s time talking!” it gives me pause. I need those pauses. The photos of the vista are lovely, almost unreal. I catch those moments here on the Oregon Coast and am always nothing but grateful.
    I will see you on Saturday at NCTE. It will be a joy to finally say hi. The topic sounds wonderful, and I’m always interested in teachers getting what they need from PD.

  2. Oh my goodness, I bet your legs are SORE! Thanks for taking us on the bike ride with you!

  3. Denise, thank goodness you are okay! When those moments happen, they are scary for sure. You may remember I was in a boot last November for NCTE – – so I’m ever so grateful that you are okay. Have fun at NCTE! I won’t be there this year in person, but I’ll surely be there in spirit. I know you’ll rock the presentation!

  4. Denise,
    Stunning views. I need to get an e-bike. I love my Giant road bike, but Ken won’t ride w/ me, and some mountain roads intimidate me. I’m glad you didn’t get injured. I fell off my bike a few years ago and had to go to PT.

  5. I loved biking with you to see a stunning viewing. Did not predict a fall and I’m so glad you are ok. I am going to NCTE and look forward to meeting you in person!! Margaret Simon’s invited me to present with her on Authors Are Real People – Sat at 11am. Then I bought a ticket to the Children’s Book Awards luncheon which overlaps with your session but I’ll plan to sneak out to catch some of your topic as it sounds wonderful. See you soon in Ohio!!

  6. Denise, my last fall off my bike (Aug ’22) messed me up good – so glad you were able to get back on right away!! Also – seeing you’re going to NCTE (w/Sarah who I met in IL ages ago) brings me even more smiles. One more – the fact that I can read about your gratitude through your posts brings me even more smiles. 😉

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