Slice of Life 22 – Rehoming Books Today #sol24

22 March 2024

Quiero aprender español, así que hoy la pregunté a alguien si ella podría ayúdame buscar alguien quien quiere aprender ingles. Tal vez podamos aprender juntas. La pregunté en ingles porque yo no hablo español. Puedo leer y escribir mejor de lo que hablo.

That’s all I’ve got in Spanish.

I’m not sure my paragraph above doesn’t have 101 grammar errors.

Here’s a little more about my day in English…

I had six boxes of books in my truck from the Friends of the Library. When they get too many mysteries or the books are outdated in someone’s opinion, the Friends don’t want to put them in the bookshop, so they need to be “rehomed.” I was helping my sister, who is the volunteer who handles that job of getting the books to nursing homes, community centers, and other places that can use them. First, I went to two of the Little Free Libraries in our town, but I could add only a half dozen or so to each. Then I went to a thrift shop that donates the money they make to a local nonprofit. They were delighted to receive all six boxes of books for their shop. It was the manager of the thrift shop that I mentioned my desire I wrote about in the first paragraph above. I left my phone number and she gave me the phone number of their volunteer coordinator.

I need to stop talking
about speaking Spanish
and just start doing it.

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life 22 – Rehoming Books Today #sol24

  1. Espero que tu puedes encontrar una persona para conversacíon muy pronto! (I probably have errors galore in this, too.) I used to ship all my books to better world books. I admire your roving rehoming efforts. (Denise, your link in the comments today doesn’t take us to your blog. I went to yesterday’s buffet to find my way.)

    1. ¡Gracias por tu esperanza, Trish! Also, thanks for pointing out the link mistake. I hadn’t realized my error yet. I just added the correct link.

  2. What a fantastic chore to have to complete. Wonderful job I am sure with the Spanish.

  3. Well done, Denise! Impressive that you are doing it in Spanish. I have been taking lots of my own excess early childhood books to Little Free Libraries; it is a real chore.

  4. Denise, the Little Free Libraries always put a smile on my face and FOTL shops are so charming and comforting! I love getting them for found poetry too! Even genres I don’t read are fun for blackouts and found! I wish I could speak Spanish!

  5. Denise,
    You’re a book social worker who is on the case to find the best special place for each book. For sure speaking is the only way to really own a language. Good luck.

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