May 10 #EdBlogADay


Today’s blog posts I’ve read and commented on! Enjoy!

Christy Post (@christypost9)
Blogs at Elementary Principles
Post: Something I Would Love to Try

Carol Perry (@clperry55)
Blogs at Better is Possible
Post: Why Collaborate?

Connie Rockow (@crockow8)
Blogs at The Optimistic Educator
Post: I Am That Teacher

Dawn Ellis (@dellis222)
Blogs at The Upfront Educator
Post: The Banana Tangent

Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry (@DoctorDea)
Blogs at Notions & Potions
Post: #EdBlogADay: Why Blog? Might I Wax Philosophic?

Cat Weer (@edutechchick)
Blogs at EduTechChick
Post: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9 #EdBlogADay


Today’s blog posts I’ve read and commented on! Enjoy!

Maggie Bolado (@mrsbolado)
Blogs at Every Dream Begins with a Dreamer
Post: First Blog. Ever.

Sharon Clark (@HolyGirl22)
Blogs at Love 4 Learning
Post: 2015 PBS Lead LearningMedia Digital Innovator

Jessica Wright (@JessicaMPitts)
Blogs at Healthy Teacher, Happy Teacher
Post: #EdBlogADay Day 4 What Do You Have to Celebrate Today?

May 7 #EdBlogADay


Today’s interesting blog posts I’ve read! Enjoy!

Kelly Stidham (@kastidham)
Blogs at Work on the Work
Post “The 5 Virtues of Teachers” – Beautiful virtues we can wish all teachers had!

Janelle Wilson (@janellewilson)
Blogs at Stretching Forward
Post: Teachers ARE Professionals – What do you think about Janelle’s idea of how teachers should be paid?

Michelle Boyce (boycem3)
Blogs at Boycetown iPad Class
Post: “NO rules” – What do you think about a NO RULES school?

Marielle Venturino (@msventurino)
Blogs at Teaching for the Future: My Life As A Teacher Blog
Post: “#AprilBlogADay Was Awesome!” – Marielle was one of the few who finished #AprilBlogADay–30 posts and none were late!

Melissa Kitchen (@TheWholeTeacher)
Blogs at The Whole Teacher
Post: Be open to collaboration – Melissa talks about how a Twitter chat got her to understand the power of using Twitter.

Cinco de Mayo #EdBlogADay


Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Amigos!

Today’s blogs I’ve read and commented on:

Beth Steinen (@bethsteinen)
Blogs at The Masteinen 6th Grade Social Studies Classroom – I enjoyed looking at Beth’s classroom blog. She tells what they are learning and class leaders. I like the questions she writes that gets kids talking about geography and history around the dinner table.
Post: Genius Hour Prezi
Update on 6 May: Beth started a teacher blog, Learn.Grow.Change, with a beautiful inaugural post, “What Do I Have to Celebrate Today?

Jen Bloomingdale (@BloomingEdu)
Blogs at Blooming Edu: Supporting Educators as they Grow their Practice
Post: “#edblogaday, May 4th: What do I have to Celebrate today?‘” – Jen is celebrating the adjustments she made to the eCourse she’s teaching. Jen is a lifelong reflective educator.

May 4 #EdBlogADay


Today’s picks for great new blog posts I’ve read and commented on:

Garnet Hillman (@garnet_hillman)
Blogs at Garnet Hillman: Thoughts from the trenches on being a lead learner
Post: “Sowing the Seeds of Success

Bethany Hill (@bethhill2829)
Blogs at Communicate, Coach, Care: The Central Purpose
Post: “The Heart of A Teacher

Jennifer Ward (@jenniferward)
Blogs at Teacher Et Cetera
Post: “TeachingIs

May 3 #EdBlogADay


Today’s picks for great posts I’ve read and commented on:

Tammy Neil (@MathNeil)
Blogging at Teaching Now: Great Teachers Learn
Post: “You’re Welcome

Sean Farnum (@MagicPantsJones)
Blogging at Mr. Farnum’s EdBlog
Post: “Duck on a Bike

Meredith Towne (@BklynMeredith)
Blogging at Towne Hall
Post: “Why We Love Spring (And You Should Too) #edblogaday

May 2 #EdBlogADay


Today’s picks for the posts I’ve read and commented on:

Laura Coughlin (@CoughlinLaura)
Blogging at Coaching Corner
Post: “What About Late Work?

Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Blogging at Ask What Else?
Post: “#edblogaday 1 Lots of C’s

Patrick Goff (@BMSscienceteach)
Blogging at PatrickGoff1
Post: “How I Assess the Cross-Cutting Concepts
More info about the Next Generation Science Standards he mentions: Crosscutting Concepts PDF