Slice of Life 21 – My Contribution to the Word Buffet #sol24

21 March 2024

Recently, I noticed a “Biggest Smile Brackets for 2024.” It reminded me of the potluck word feast going on over at Leigh Anne Eck’s blog A Day in the Life. She has invited all Slicers who want to participate to her Word Buffet.

I voted for my own favorite smile-bringers from the 32 word list, using their bracket form. Here are the final four on my list that I am bringing as my contribution to the buffet:

  1. shenanigans – A playful or mischievous act; a prank.
  2. hullabaloo – 1) A loud noise or a condition of noisy confusion. 2) A confused noise; uproar; tumult.
  3. boop – Affectionately poking someone on the nose, often accompanied by saying “Boop!” (That was boop as defined on Urban Dictionary) Boop is also used in online communities. I must say, I have never seen it used by any of my online friends or myself. Do you use the word boop in any situation? And have you heard of BOOP! The Musical, based on the cartoon character Betty Boop? It’s getting good reviews.
  4. discombobulate – To throw into a state of confusion. synonym: befuddle.

And my fifth word is a bonus–not a silly word, but my favorite word; always a smile-bringer to me.

5. hope – 1) To have confidence; trust. 2) To desire and consider possible.

I wrote a dictionary entry poem about hope awhile ago, so I thought I would share it here today…



1. to sip wishes
2. to whisper into promises and prayers
3. to envelop with open arms
4. to climb anticipation

1. a thing with feathers
the hope of springtime pipping
2. a cool autumn breeze after a hot summer
the hope of cooler days 
3. a moon out in the afternoon
the hope of an enticing evening

Today’s moon

Solace and Connection {1}

Thank you to Leigh Anne Eck for hosting this week’s Solace and Connection.

Woodpecker drills plastic flowers
wind whistles and drowns out
the arraignment going on in New York.
Hummingbird hovers
waiting its turn at the sweet sugar water,
which has been annexed by Woodpecker.
Stink Bug does push ups in the sand
and the cold wind drives me back inside.

March 21 – My Best Colors

March 21, 2023

I remember when my kindergarten students learned this “Rainbow, Rainbow” song and sang it at our end of the year celebration. I loved their sweet voices, and the parents went all out–with each little group wearing a different rainbow color. Leigh Anne Eck has planned a color party during the Slice of Life. (You can participate too.  Just go to her blog, let her know you are participating, and see what others have written about their best colors.)

My best red is everything I’ve ever seen in my favorite color: fireenginecandyapple red. My eyes are captured by the reds of a lifetime. I can’t get enough. It’s always been my favorite.

Just a few red eye-catchers in my camera roll.

My best orange is the monarch butterfly, thriving and living its best migratory life with ample milkweed.

My best yellow is lemon pie filling, made with fresh January citrus from Arizona.

My best green is the ephemeral green of a California springtime. (By summer this will all be brown.)

My best blue is that sky, always that sky, (and perhaps a blue tsunami in 2024, as well.)

My best indigo is a new pair of 501 jeans in seventh grade.

My best violet is my friendship with Vinolia.

And in honor of springtime, here is a 32123 palindrome poem (for 3-21-23) that I learned about on Kim Johnson’s Slice of Life.

whispers of
sunshined buds

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers!