Slice of Life 25 – Dinner in Leucadia #sol24

25 March 2024

This afternoon we drove to Encinitas for a little getaway. As soon as we got into the hotel room, the rain started pouring. We waited a few minutes for the shower to pass. Then we left to get some dinner.

We ended up at Solterra Winery and Kitchen. It was busy, so we sat at the bar and watched March Madness games. Interesting sidenote, I do not drink. I made a decision early in my young adulthood to not drink. My husband has spent 40+ years with a teetotaling wife, and he enjoys an occasional glass of wine or margarita. I just enjoyed my water tonight with the mushroom flatbread we ordered.

Leucadia, a beach neighborhood, is the “art and soul” of Encinitas. (I read that today. It is a cute little neighborhood.)

As soon as we got back to the hotel room, the rain picked up again for another really heavy shower. We were thankful we managed to get dinner wedged in between those bookends of heavy cold rains.

I wish I would have taken a video of this tree. The bark was so loose; so many bits were swaying in the wind.
A found poem from my first photo
Ever feel like life
is too short to drink cheap wine?
Drink water