Slice of Life 25 – Dinner in Leucadia #sol24

25 March 2024

This afternoon we drove to Encinitas for a little getaway. As soon as we got into the hotel room, the rain started pouring. We waited a few minutes for the shower to pass. Then we left to get some dinner.

We ended up at Solterra Winery and Kitchen. It was busy, so we sat at the bar and watched March Madness games. Interesting sidenote, I do not drink. I made a decision early in my young adulthood to not drink. My husband has spent 40+ years with a teetotaling wife, and he enjoys an occasional glass of wine or margarita. I just enjoyed my water tonight with the mushroom flatbread we ordered.

Leucadia, a beach neighborhood, is the “art and soul” of Encinitas. (I read that today. It is a cute little neighborhood.)

As soon as we got back to the hotel room, the rain picked up again for another really heavy shower. We were thankful we managed to get dinner wedged in between those bookends of heavy cold rains.

I wish I would have taken a video of this tree. The bark was so loose; so many bits were swaying in the wind.
A found poem from my first photo
Ever feel like life
is too short to drink cheap wine?
Drink water

16 thoughts on “Slice of Life 25 – Dinner in Leucadia #sol24

  1. Denise, that is a decision that takes a lot of commitment and I respect you so much for it! I am loving the found poem! It brings humor and shows a healthier way! I know your husband appreciates your choice for so many reasons, but on wine tasting days it’s especially nice to have a designated driver who isn’t participating
    In the tasting.
    That poem needs to be on a sign!

  2. Whike I enjoy a glass of good wine now snd then, I also enjoy a glass of water, seltzer, coffee, tea, hot chocolate….I totally love your poem and its message.

  3. It sounds like a lovely getaway. I do not like beer or wine, but like mixed drinks, heavy on the mixers. Water is my favorite beverage though. The picture of that tree, wow!

  4. Leucadia sounds beautiful and that tree is amazing. I wonder what kind it is. I am also a teetotaler. My friends laugh at me, but are appreciative when I’m the driver.

  5. Leucadia sounds enchanting, Denise – “the art and soul” of Encinitas. Is that gorgeous tree a paper-bark? It just begs to be in a story…it has such mystique. I can only imagine how much more so with that bark swaying in the wind. Beckoning, in its way. Your found poem is just perfect! A friend of mine who works at a hospital says that the nurses are devout about drinking water – they believe it is the cure for most anything that ails us.

  6. Sounds like a good trip and I love the poem found from your photo and your decision not to drink. The bark of the tree looks a bit like some eucalyptus trees that shed their bark so it waves in the wind. The town has such a beautiful name.

  7. I feel as if I can see that tree blowing in the wind even as a still snapshot – what a cool tree. I hope you have a wonderful getaway. What a wise and healthy decision you made so many years ago, to not drink. I love the playful banter of your poem, unexpectedly landing on ‘water’ as the drink of choice. Fun!

  8. Denise, I love your post and photograph. Your poem at the end is priceless and perfectly summarizes your slice.

  9. Denise,
    I echo Kim’s comment, especially knowing there’s a designated driver. It’s okay to sit at the bar and drink water. You’re over 21! And I’m glad you’re enjoying some get-away time after your stint on the roof. you’ve earned the break.

  10. Lovely poem! And great pictures…I love that in so many of your slices, you include images to help the reader visualize your retelling. Thanks for bringing us along, and enjoy your trip!

  11. Well now you’re just a couple miles away from my house! The eucalyptus trees are so interesting–we have so many in the San Diego area. The only problem(s)–they are highly flammable and they have shallow roots so too much rain or too much wind will bring them down. Leucadia’s slogan is, “Keep Leucadia Funky.” Hope you enjoyed your time in the greater Encinitas area.

  12. How exciting to ‘get away’ and WHAT a tree with all of that loose bark. Love your poem-my go to answer, ‘drink water.’ 🙂

  13. What a beautiful found poem!! I want to try this same thing. I always forget about found poetry. Glad it was a lovely day, even with rain!

  14. Thanks for sharing Encinitas. Your commitment to a healthier life is admirable. I enjoyed your trip photos.

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