A Thank You for the Parents and Students

Day 10

The administration is making a video for the parents and students to thank them for their hard work during this time of remote learning, which is now into the SECOND March! It is really hard to fathom that.

Some days I feel like a full-time teacher, but I find joy in doing some of the extras, which used to get dropped in the full-time crazy juggling of being a coordinator and teacher. So now my days are filled with some of the balls I used to drop. Lately it’s editing talent show videos, long-term subbing so full-time teachers don’t have to also add that, planning and implementing a spelling bee, and tutoring individuals and small groups.

It’s been rewarding work during a pandemic, and a way to ease out of the classroom instead of going cold turkey.

Yesterday was full, so I woke up this morning (which is still Wednesday in the U.S.) and wrote a poem for the parents and students. It’s a monotetra.

Today is one more day
To learn and to pray
The God who sees you says
Go this way, Go this way

Dark is the night
Lord, give us your sight
We want to get through this fight
Be our light, Be our light

Another yesterday today mirrors
Now we have entered another year
Be not afraid, for God comes to cheer
No more fear, No more fear

You are a determined tower
You’ll get through this hour
Radiant and ready as a flower
God empower, God empower

2 thoughts on “A Thank You for the Parents and Students

  1. I love the idea of the video. Your poem is wonderful. The repetition in each stanza’s last line gives the poem a prayerful, earnest tone.

    1. Thank you, Glenda. I have been struck with how all that energy went home with the students last February, and now everyone needs peace and joy and hope!

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