Slice of Life – Working on a Temperature Blanket

April 18, 2023

Last year I made a temperature blanket for our home using up some old yarn that was in our house. I wrote about it last year.

This year I decided to try another temperature blanket for my grandson. I’m making four panels using rainbow colors based on the daily high temperature, as recorded on Weather Underground. I created this spreadsheet to help me keep track.

The first panel begins in June on the day of his birth. Of course, since we are in the northern hemisphere it’s summer, and the panel is mostly red, orange and yellow. That first column starts with a third of June, then all of July and August, and ends with two-thirds of September. There is a thin white line between months. There will be three more panels, and later I’ll stitch them altogether.

After finishing the first column, I was running low on the warm colors, so I skipped the second and started the third column. Now I’m noticing columns one and three look conflicting, so I’m hoping the autumnal second column will help tie these two together. Yesterday, we were out of town, so I was able to buy the yarn that I needed to finish. It’s due in June for a first birthday party!

March #SOL22 Day 14 – Winding Yarn

Day 14 of March #SOL22

When I was a middle school student, my great aunt Thelma taught me to crochet. This was in the days when yarn didn’t come in easy-to-pull-out skeins. Back in the day, when I was visiting her, she would have me hold my two hands out about two feet apart. Then she would patiently roll the yarn into a ball.

Fast forward fifty years, and I did it again this morning. Only this time, my knees were the helper.

This week the temperature will hit 80, so I needed to break out a new color for my temperature blanket.
Temperature blanket in progress