Mi Primer Publicación Español

Day 12

Me on my own:
Yo hablo inglés solamente. Porque quiero aprender español. Con Duolingo yo aprendo mucho cosas interesante. Yo escribo esta post con no ayuda.

I went to Google Translate to see how I did…
Solo hablo ingles. Pero quiero aprender español. Con Duolingo, aprendo muchas cosas interesantes. Escribo esta publicación sin ayuda.

What I intended to say

I speak only English, but I want to learn Spanish. With Duolingo, I am learning many interesting things. I wrote this post without help.

OK, I don’t speak Spanish. The last time I studied in school was in Grade 9 in a Spanish 2 class. Now, I’m doing one or two lessons a day in Duolingo, sometimes more.

I am on a 43-day streak! Woohoo! (Mr. Wilkinson is at 800+ days in a row!) But as you can see above, I forget a lot of things that I’m learning. For instance, I said “mucho cosas interesante” instead of muchas cosas interesantes, which sounds much more beautiful when said correctly.

Here are a few more things I can say since I’ve recently passed Checkpoint 1 on Duolingo:

Yo tengo dos hermanos y cuatro hermanas.

Yo tengo dos hijas y uno esposo.

Este vestido azul es muy bonito.

Yo quiero hablar español.

13 thoughts on “Mi Primer Publicación Español

  1. My Spanish, my very limited Spanish, is very rusty. But I do know what you wrote. That’s a big family! Glad you only have one spouse. I might have to write a Spanish post before the month ends. I have one poem I wrote in Spanish for a class. I think you’d like it. If I can find it I can write an entire post around that memory. Guess I better get on Duolingo and brush up. Besides, we have a trip to Costa Rica booked, so I need to get busy.

  2. Your post was very genuine and very funny. Nowadays I’m doing the same with another language: Danish! I will write a post about it this month. Maybe next Multilingual Friday. Probably my posts in English sounds the same as yours!! JA, JA!

  3. I took French for ten years (3rd – 12th grades) and didn’t have the guts to try out slicing in another language today. While I was once fluent, that was a lifetime ago. Kudos to you for doing it! (Maybe I need Duolingo to restart my French skills.)

    1. Thank you, Stacey. Yes, Duolingo is giving me confidence, at least in writing and reading! Now to work on speaking and listening fast! “Más despacio, por favor” (slow down, please) is one of my favorite Spanish phrases.

  4. Eres muy valiente para compartir tu publicación con nosotros! Muchas personas no quieren compartir sus frases imperfectos en otro idioma con los demás. Has hecho bastante bien, y ¡debes estar orgullosa! Me encantó aprender sobre tu proceso de aprender con Duolingo! ¡Y quizás has inspirado a otras personas escribir en un idioma que están aprendiendo también!

  5. I loved this post because it’s so wonderfully refreshing to learn of your interest in growing and learning new things! It just shone through so beautifully, how it’s fun for you. Appreciate this mentality so much.

  6. Bravo on your Spanish lessons and your determination to learn the language! I do not know Spanish, except at the most basic level. You are far more advanced than my understanding! Thanks for this!!

    1. Thank you, Maureen. That makes me smile to think of being more advanced than anyone! 🙂 I will keep plugging away over here.

  7. Your post caught my attention today, for sure! I love that you’ll keep plugging away, Denise! When I’m not doing too hot on a lesson, I head over to the stories – my success there makes me feel better. Keep it up!

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