March 5 – Golden Moments

Wise words I return to often are these: “You’re either in your head, or you’re in your life.” And I want to be in my life!
What if our only purpose really is to be present? To shine?
Like light.
The quote above is from a recent blog post of Irene Latham, award-winning poet and author. Do visit and enjoy her post here. I took a portion of her quote and wrote a golden shovel poem. The Golden Shovel poetry form was created by Terrance Hayes.  “Golden shovel poetry is a poetic form that takes a word from each line of an existing poem and uses them as the last word of each line in a new poem.” ~MasterClass definition, and you can read more here.
What can I say except this day is precious and
if it must be my last, I will live it contentedly.
Our world will go on without me, and finally
only LOVE will prevail. But if I get another day, on
purpose I will live it–
really live it. Even if it
is just sitting inside, staying warm,
to read and write, I can still
be here, in this place, fully alive, opening this sweet
~Denise Krebs


On another note: Grandparenting is not for sissies. The day after my grandbaby left, I slept in until 8 a.m., and I thought I had missed the Slice of Life meet up. Before I posted my Saturday slice, I started to add a little apology for not showing up when I had signed up. Instead, when I went to the Two Teachers blog and saw the sign up sheet still there, I realized something was amiss. I did a quick calendar check and realized I had another day to remember. And I did. I had a lovely golden moment time connecting with  Jennifer K., Jennifer M., Kim Johnson, Erica J., Stacey Shubitz, Glenda Funk, Ramona, Kate Narita, Dr. Carla Michelle Brown, Heidi C., and Margaret. Life is sweet, and it was a treasure opening the gift of meeting new people today. I wish I could have been in a small group with each of them. I’m looking forward to reading their blogs today!

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! 


4 thoughts on “March 5 – Golden Moments

  1. Denise.
    It was so good seeing you this morning. I’d not attended a sliver meetup during the challenge before.We had rich conversations in our breakout groups, Your poem is lovely and inspiring. Here’s to carpe diem and grandparenting, even when it exhausts us.

  2. Your poem is beautiful and important. They are words to live by and caused tears to well in my eyes.

  3. Denise, I love your golden shovel poem. This is absolutely gorgeous, so comforting and fulfilling – a powerful reminder to remember purpose and to enjoy the moment. I enjoyed our time together this morning! Seeing you and the other writers was a great way to start the week! I wrote down little nuggets of wisdom from everyone, and because of you, I will be keeping a notebook by my bed for the times the thoughts won’t stop and I need to write them down to remember. Such wisdom and great tips!

  4. Denise, your post is uplifting and your golden shovel poem is inspiring. Your beautiful, generous spirit shines through both!

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