Poetry Friday – Poemtober

Happy Poetry Friday today! Thank you, Irene, at Live Your Poem for hosting today. Here is her post with an Ode to Autumn by Neruda and “Autumn Puzzle” by Irene, as well as an opportunity in 2022. I hope to become an official wild and precious writer.

It’s a busy week here, so I have another LaMiPoFri again. (See Kat Apel’s blog for more information on the Last Minute Poetry Friday form.)

I was inspired last week by Jone McCulloch to look at the prompts for the Inktober and write small poems. Here are my first week’s October #smallpoems.

And today for my lamipofri poem, with today’s Inktober prompt watch:

How to Be Here

  • be curious
  • be courageous
  • watch for your privilege like a guard patrols a parapet
  • let that power go
  • listen laser-focused
  • be curious
  • be courageous

The ABC’s of Poetry Power

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The ABCs of Poetry Power

a poem advances truth
and briefs the sleuth
a poem caresses cheeks
and dams up leaks
a poem enlarges hearts
and flings safe darts
a poem glistens with glitter
and harnesses the quitter
a poem ignites understanding
and justifies demanding
a poem keeps a tune
and launches to the moon
a poem mushrooms thoughts
and nests in tight spots
a poem opens us to find
and parks in the mind
a poem quickens senses
and refashions fences
a poem sizzles in the pan
and transforms our plan
a poem uncovers sin
and validates within
a poem weaves a story
and x-rays allegory
a poem yanks our smugness
and zaps us with justness

By Denise Krebs
After Irene Latham

Today is Poetry Friday with Irene Latham at Live Your Poem as host. Visit her blog and learn more about Irene’s new verse novel D-39: A Robodog’s Journey, which is coming out on Tuesday. My poem is after Irene’s poem called, “A Poem for the Girl by the Lake.”