Slice of Life 8 – Multilingual Blogger – Ha! #sol24

8 March 2024

Here is my very dusty “Multilingual Blogger” badge. I haven’t used it since last March.

I wish I was multilingual; I’m still a poser. However, I’m trying, and after three years of studying Spanish on Duolingo, I feel more hopeful than ever before. Now, I’ve set myself a goal to get started this month on something I have been talking about. To meet a Spanish speaker who also wants to become more multilingual by working on their English. I would love to share conversation with them. I’ll update on the last Friday of the month, March 29.

In the meantime, today I’m remembering the Portuguese I learned in Brazil last month with this elfchen. These are the words I said the most during my week there!

não falo
português, mas eu
gosto disso. Bom dia,

don’t speak
Portuguese, but I
like this. Good morning,

March 3 – Adiós – MultiFri

March 3, 2023

Yo he escribido dos otras entrada de blogs in español (aquí y aquí). Ahora han pasado dos anos, y no he escribido en español otra vez hasta hoy. He estudiado por 606 dias ahora. Creo que he mejorado.

Escribí una poema de mi nieto. Él está visitando esta semana, pero él se va mañana.


Ay, mi nieto

precioso, hoy no quiero

decirte adiós


I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! On Fridays, slicers are invited to write in another language if they wish. That’s today: #MultiFri